Water In - Water Out, Details of a Misting Systems

Water In - Water Out. A Misting System. The end result, mist. This site covers the details. From the water in filters to the water out nozzles. Whether it's for humidification or cooling, Misting Systems are basically the same. Water In - Water Out : Mist.

Water In

Water In, it's all about the parts and assemblies just before the pump.

Filters, water purification systems, pressure gauges, pressure reducers, switches, solenoids, pressure monitoring, piping, fittings, water input control and flex hoses. All components of consideration before the pump.

Water Out

True misting solutions are high-pressure systems. From 300 to 1000 psi, a pump raises the systems water pressure for good mist production.

You need a different set of parts for Water Out. This includes pressure regulators, reliefs, temperature monitors, pulsation dampers, gauges, monitoring control, motors, tubing, copper, stainless steel, plastic, nylon, fittings, quick connects, compression fittings, plus a few more.

The pump

In between In and Out, the pump. This section includes the pump itself, pressure reducers, gauges, popoff relief, pulsation dampers, etc. In the navigation bar on the left you will see the links.

Misting Solutions Pump and Nozzle Pictures

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Misting-Solutions-Nozzles-08mm Misting-Solutions-Mist-Pump-3HP-Belt-Drive Misting Solutions Mist Pump 3HP Control Panel Misting Solutions Mist Pump 1HP 3PH Misting Solutions Mist Pump 1HP 3PH 1.0 gpm 1000 psi.

Plant Managers, Manufacturing Facility, Mechanical Contractors

To a degree you are my target audience.

But maybe not.

You may be analyzing a misting system for other applications. Large scale humidification systems happens to be my area of expertise.

Patio cooling is always a HOT topic as is greenhouse humidification and all the misting that is used for pest control.

Plant or Facility humidification system are large scale complex systems. They have all the bells and whistles a misting solution needs to operate effectively, efficiently, and safely. All the other systems will fall between the cracks of these larger systems. Don't worry, they will be discussed, one component ate a time.

Your System

Your solutions will be a subset of the components listed above.

The big question is: is a simple design more cost effective?

Not necessarily. Safety is the important aspect of system design. I am not talking personal saftey, but personal safety is always important. I am talking about operational system safeties. The components that monitor operation and take action in case of trouble.

System safeties, they monitor and start and stop your system. They monitor for;

  • Water leaks
  • Loss of water input
  • Improper pressures
  • Loss of flow, etc

These issues can occur. When they do pump shutdown is a must. You have to try and prevent pump damage.

Pump/motor control is a critical aspect of overall systems design. Why, Pump failure is costly.

I want to show you the whens, wheres, and whys of a properly designed Misting System, whether it's for humidification, cooling, or any other application that requires misting.

If you have a project in mind we will have the information you need for system sizing, electrical needs, monitoring and maintenance. We will cover them all in this helpful and informational web site that will be your guide: your go-to site for misting solutions.

As with most Web Site - We are continually under construction.

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