Advanced Misting Systems

I happen to be a control freak. it's not what you think. I don't go around micromanaging everyone I meet.

Controls as in building automation. Controls for Advanced Misting Systems.

Below is a video of the latest misting system I put together. it is quite sophisticated when you look at its capabilities. Not that all this fluff is needed but it gives you an idea of what I can put together.

This is the first of a series of videos I plan to put together on this system. Look at this as an overview with more to come.

One highlights of this system not mentioned is the cellular communication used for control and monitoring.  I actually use it more for continued software development on systems than control and monitoring. 

This machine is installed in a large corporate setting.  With cellular communication you stay off the corporate network backbone, narrow the security and to a single device and ease the setup and installation costs.

I have been using CradlePoint Products for several years now and vary satisfied.  CradlePoint focus is heavy in machine to machine (M2M) interface.  They may be a bit more expensive than main stream modems and router but I find worth the price.  

Advanced Misting
The above video is a introduction
What Do You Want To See Next ??

There are many areas interest in a advance misting system. I am struggling on what to show next.  I think the best subject to start with would be with pumps.  Specifically the pump in the above video and why I choose it.  

If you have any urgent questions or requests please let me know through the contact form on the left. 

Below is a list of areas I plan to cover in the near future.

  1. Pumps
  2. Pumps and Controls
  3. VFD and Pump Control
  4. PLC Programming for Pumps
  5. PLC and PC interface with Visual Studio

Pressure Pump used with this system.

The pumps used with this system is a Danfoss PAH2. Danfoss has some distinct design differences when comparing to traditional positive displacement pumps. These design differences have there pros and cons. The video below will explain some of the pros and cons and why it was chosen for this application.

Below are links to other videos produced for Advanced Misting Systems. If items below are not hyperlinked they have not been released yet.

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