Build a Cheap Humidifier
The 10 Dollar Humidifier

I am a misting specialist in Minnesota. Being from Minnesota I mainly concentrate on humidification, commercial misting applications for humidification.

As a business owner you always have an eye open for some opportunities. The WWW opens doors to ideas.

I started getting more request for lower pressure nozzle. This is understandable because mist pumps can be expensive.

So how well do mist nozzles work at lower pressures?

Could these nozzles be used for small residential humidification?

Well, the answer is Yes, and Yes.

Do they work reliably for long duration?

I will say Yes, but with some caveats.

Below is a video with of a high pressure nozzle
working at low pressure.

The nozzle in the video has a pressure rating of 1000 psi and typically works on a high pressure misting pump. However, with a few modifications it can work well in your house as a humidifier.

One of the big advantages (no refills) with this method compared to the vapor misting is that you don't have to refill the water container. It just runs and runs.

Granted you have to be a little bit of a handy man to put this together. But like me some guys like to tinker.

So you have to tap into a water supply. You could use a saddle valve. You don't need much water flow which has it advantages.

You then run a plastic line from the water source to the nozzle. I only sell high pressure nylon line. This is nice line because it's very strong and durable but not real expensive.

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I suggest a valve close the nozzle. Plastic slip-lock or compression work well. Brass compression needle valve is a good choice.

One of the reason I like a needle valve is you can regulate to flow to a very small amount at the nozzle. That way if a leak happens you are releasing a very small amount of water and damage can be kept to a minimum.

A fan will be needed in most application. It is highly recommended but not necessary for a small percentage of installation. You need a high ceiling to get away with not using a fan.

Without a fan the mist will fall a good 6 feet before it complete evaporates. This distance is will vary depending on the relative humidity of the space. The dryer the quicker the mist will evaporate.

By the way,

You can purchase this nozzle kit and many of the other components need to make up this humidifier on my ebay store. Look at for the Mist-Solutions store and filter on "The 10 Dollar Humidifier"

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