Advantages of Digital Pressure Gauges, there capabilities and drawbacks.

Digital Pressure Gauges are feature rich but expensive. However, I use them quite often. Yes, despite being expensive, when you need control they work great. Typically they have multiple output signals you can program. Dry contact on both high and low pressure. Also they have a signal output for live reading retrieval.

Digital Pressure Gauges are not subject to vibration as much as analog gauges because the technology used in measurement is much more reliable the expanding pressure tube technology (bourdon tube) of analog gauges. Granted there has to be some mechanical movement in the digital gauge but they don't have to move the large needle around as in analog gauges. The mechanical to electrical conversion process is much smaller, sophisticated, reliable, and accurate.

Some of the advanced digital gauges have a variety of function that can be programmed. Peak Hold feature, Min/Max, Resolution, units of measure, bar graphs, etc. Output signals for live reading into Controllers (PLCs) is a big advantage. Some are user selectable for 0-5VDC, 0-10VDC, 4-20ma, and some even have modbus output. I have not seen any with Ethernet network capacity yet but I bet there are some out there someplace. as is relay output that are programmable Some analog gauges have these capacities but they are few and far between.

Digital vs Analog

As outlined in the analog section there are allot of difference between the two technologies. The major difference is control. Digital gauges give control feedback to make decisions on system operations.

As stated in the analog section, analog gauges are inexpensive and digital gauges are expensive. Analog is somewhat accurate and digital is quite accurate. Analog needs no power and digital needs some power to operate. Analog has no control output and digital has microprocessor built in for good programmable control. The second MAJOR difference is that digital gauges are about 10x more expensive that analog, and that's a starting point.