DIY Misting

Do It Yourself Misting
This page is for the DIY kind of Guy, or Gal

You have got your system together.
Your DIY Misting System is about to come to life.

You are ready to turn the switch. Anticipation is high. You have put allot of time and effort into this project, and dollars. Will it work as expected.

You have follow the steps laid out for a good misting solution. Sizing the right pump, amount of nozzles needed, location of the misting lines, proper location of equipment, etc. 

And her we go, voila, it works!  Cool, I did it. Wow, a cool mist on a hot day, or the feeling of humid air in the midst of winter or plants coming to life through aeroponics, or hydroponics.

Success, that wasn't to bad as you enjoy the outcome of your hard work.

Do It Yourself (DIY) Misting
Yes, that's allot of what this site is about.

I help people understand what it takes to put together a good misting system. The costs, the pros and cons of doing this way or that way, doing it the right way. 

DYI Misting, you visualize the outcome but you ask yourself, where do I start.

You first have to ask yourself some basic engineering questions. I should probably say application or location questions instead of engineering.

Is it going to work in the location I want to put it. Or, how well is it going to work in the area I have picked out. 

Those can be tough questions to answer unless you have some experience. Each application can be different. Even I have to sit for a while and think about the outcome of all the misting applications I put together.

Mist or water vapor behavior can disappoint. Outcome can be frustrating. The mist just doesn't do what you expect it to do. It gets something wet, it's not going in the right direction.

These are some of the reasons why a misting system is a tinkerers haven.  To a degree you have to be a DIY Misting kind of guy, or gal. 

DIY Misting is not rocket science. They are basically put together with hardware store type parts pieces. Not all the pieces are found at a hardware store but allot. Pump components and some controls are not hardware store variety items. They are slowly getting there though. Where there is a market there is a seller.

One of the main reasons to be DIY is maintenance. These system are not trouble free. In fact to a degree they are trouble prone.  Its just a inherent thing with a mechanical system, and as you may already know (or soon to find out) water quality can be the big culprit of DIY Misting headaches.

Besides water quality there are other issue that can cause grief. Or looking at it in a positive light, create opportunity, explore some misting mystery (am I crazy).  

Sure its nice to get it right, proper setting hear, proper height there. But your always going to come across improvements, just like this web site. Nothing is ever perfect. Nothing is ever completely done.

So you may asking yourself, as a beginner, what are some of the larger concerns or issues to worry about? Where do the bucks get spent?

So were do I get this information? Right Here, Pumps, Input Water, Output Water, Nozzles. Or click on a link to the left.

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