Misting Nozzle Videos, Low Pressure Nozzles

The nozzles below are not actually low pressure. They are made out of Nickel Plated Brass and will work at 1000 psi. It's the fittings and piping they are installed in. The nozzles are installed in 1/4in plastic (nylon) tees. It's these tee's that are rated at lower pressures. This type of setup is considered high pressure as far as plastic is concerned but considered low pressure misting. These fittings have a working pressure of 250 psi with a max of 500 psi. Nylon is the material that gives strength.

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1/4in Plastic (Nylon) fittings and tubing are great for small jobs, small meaning quantity of nozzle. Materials are reasonably price. If you use a diaphragm pump rated at 150 psi you can put together a relatively inexpensive system.

These slip-lock nozzles are larger orifice nozzles (0.20mm, through 1.0mm). They work well at lower pressures, pressures between 100 and 300 psi. The 1/4in nylon tubing is rated at the same pressures. This is a thicker wall tubing to support the higher pressures. The amount of water or volume through this size tubing is low because of the reduced inside diameter (ID). Hence the smaller system size.

Slip-Lock Nozzles are made with a weaker spring ball check valve, 3mm spring. This spring check starts opening at 80 psi. Also, Slip-Lock Nozzles are not made with small diameter orifices, 0.08mm, 0.10mm, and 0.15mm. This diameter orifice will hardley puts out mist between 100 - 200 psi.

Misting Nozzle Videos, 1/4in Slip-Lock Nozzles

0.30mm and 0.40mm Nozzles 100-300 psi Demo

0.40mm and 0.60mm Nozzles 100-300 psi Demo

0.60mm and 0.80mm Nozzles 100-300 psi Demo

These Slip-Lock Nozzles can be installed in other fittings and preform at high pressures. There are 1/4in Nickel Plated Brass Slip-Lock Fittings and Tubing that will support pressures up to 1000 psi. See Plastic Tubing Nylon and Quick Coupler Slip-Lick web pages.

0.20mm and 0.40mm Nozzles 100-300-100 psi Demo

1/4in Slip-Lock Nozzles, Full Lenght Plume View

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0.40mm and 0.60mm Nozzles 100-300-100 psi Demo

1/4in Slip-Lock Nozzles, Full Lenght Plume View

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