Misting Pump Build #2 
Little Bigger, Little More Controls

This next misting pump system is pretty big step up from the first.  Basically we are using a better pump. It will still be as small capacity solution as far a the amount of nozzles it will feed.

Now my site is growing a bit as far as page hits. So this the first page on this site that I will be introducing buying options.  My intent is to not make it complex but sometimes that can be a difficult task. 

i will walk you through the product build and satrigically introduce buy buttons using PayPal.  Remember, you don't need a PayPal account. You just use a Credit Card through PayPal.  

The assembly will look smoothing like this
although "we" are in the process of building it.

This misting pump utilize a positive displacement pump able to generate 1000 psi.  It will output 1/4 gallon per minute which has enough to supply 15 to 20 medium size nozzles for patio cooling or 125 #/hour of humidification.  

The pump is driven by a 1/7 HP 120 volt single phase shaded pole motor and is manufactured by Pumptec, Inc. in Anoka, MN.  It has 1/4 in. NPT input and output water fittings, quantity 3 each.

This is the pump we will be using.  Stainless Steel Body

Pump Selection - 120 Volts, 60 HZ

These are really a nice pumps. Compact, can mount in any direction. Shaded Pole Motor give the ability to slow motor speed down with a Variac, which intern increase life expectance. 

Pressure Regulators

The first item that seems to go on many misting pumps is the pressure regulator. Pressure regulators control the output water pressure.  They utilize a spring check valve assembly to keep a constant pressure at the nozzles.  To change the pressure just adjust the nut which changes spring pressure that corresponds to output pressure.  The water that is not used is returned to the pump water inlet. 

Here is a Time Lapse Build Video of a similar
Misting Pump Package.

It contains contains some documentation as it moves along.

No Audio at this time, hope to add some in the future.

Below is a video demonstrating how IPad integration can work on the controller installed in this pump package.

This does have audio but I apologized for the difficulty of not being able to explain this clearly.  I should have studied the verbiage a bit more.  That what I get for winging it.  

Below Spreadsheet of Pump Package Bill of Materials.

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