Misting Pump Options

As time permits I will begin to offer a varity of misting pumps for purchase.   Check the purchase section to the left.

I will try and provide as much application information as possible. When I say application information this means information that applies to the misting system that manufactures typically do not provide.  They are leaving that information up to there resellers to provide.

Since I live in Minnesota I am partial to Minnesota based manufactures.  There are two good one that I know of, Cap Pumps and Pumptec Pumps.

Both are excellent manufactures of positive displacement pumps but they differentiate themselves from each other and there markets. They crossover in there offerings which gives options for me and buyers.

Cat Pumps has been around for a long time and has a large market share with a variety of products.  Pumptec is a smaller company with a majority or there products well suited for the misting industry.  Both are excellent companies with great documentation. 

I want make you aware that pumps well suited for misting also have other applications in different markets. For example, a Carpet Cleaners is a product and industry that use small positive displacement pumps.  

Cat Pumps misting products is a small portion of there overall product line. When you search through Cat Pumps Web Site you will find that the pumps that are well suited for misting do have in there model number the word "mist".  Example 2DX05ELS.MIST.  Some do not have this designation which basically means that model is well suite for other applications. 

With Pumptec much of there product offering is well suited for misting applications.  Pumptec offers a variety of pump operating pressures.  Some have a maximum of 150psi, some 250 psi up to 1000 psi.  This is a nice option to have if you are considering a lower pressure system.  You can get more volume out of a lower pressure pump and pay less. 

The other advantage of lower pressure systems is you can get buy with lower pressure fittings continuing to keep the costs down.  Anything under 250 psi you can use plastic push connect fitting and ease the installation requirements. 

Overall the Cat Pump is a more expensive pump than the Pumptec. But I do believe the price difference is justifiable in quality and longevity. Keep that in mind as I further describe some application scenarios. 

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