Misting Pump Purchase

I reviewed some of the considerations and options in a mist pump purchase on the page titled Misting Pump Options.  Here I will begin to offer some pumps I have implemented successfully with great results.

I will attempt to compare two manufactures, Cat Pumps and Pumptec Pumps.  Discuss the operational comparisons, sizing, and some limitations that can arise.  

We will start at the low end of the capacity range (water output) and move up the chain of product offerings.

I will introduce one other manufacture I used recently and slide that in when appropriate. Danfoss Pumps.  Danfoss manufactures strictly stainless steel pumps used in more high end applications and of course with a high end price.  Just nice to know who makes the Cadillac. Or should I say BMW because the Danfoss Pump is made in Europe, Denmark to be exact.

Cat Pumps 1CX Series

Cat Pumps smallest pumps series is the 1CX Series.  This series of pumps has three capacities of 0.12 GPM, 0.25 GPM, and 0.50 GPM. Translated into mist nozzles,  

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