A Misting System Warranty
can be difficult to comprehend.  

That confusion begins with the pump!

A misting system warranty looks good on paper but is it really.

The typically misting system warranty like most waranties looks good but there are some variables you should be aware of. The misting pump, specifically positive displacement pump needs to be understood.  

Most pump manufactures state a one year, sometimes two years. That holds true as long as the problem with the pump is a manufactures defect.  However 98% of the time the cause of a pump failure is not pump design, or manufacturing. It's a problem with application, your application. 

That's right, I will state it differently.  A claim for pump warranty is only awarded 2% of the time.  

And this brings up the next point. The only way to get a warranty replacement pump from a manufacture is to first send the pump in for testing and analysis - to the manufacture. That typically has to be arranged through the sales channel you purchased it from.

So you are catching on that most positive displacement pump manufactures sell there pumps through authorized sales channels.  It's that sales channel that ends up deciding how the actually warranty is handled.  The customer actually negotiates a warranty through there pump sales channel. It up to this pump dealer (another name for sales channel) to determine how the warranty is handled.

Why is a pump warranty only awarded 2% of the time?

Even using the highest grade components and the best engineering and design practices mist pumps just don't last that long. 

I will clarify that last statement further. 

Even using the highest grade components and the best engineering designs mist pumps just don't last long - without scheduled maintenance.

Yes, misting pumps need maintenance and periodic replacement of parts - only if they can be repaired. Yes, some can't be repaired and some are just not worth repairing.

Why you may ask?  Misting pumps are the smallest of positive displacement pumps being manufactured at this time The actual pump itself typically ranging cost from $300-$500, not including motor/piping etc.. To a handy homeowner it might make good economic sense to try to repair the pump, to a corporation maybe not.

Now that last statement is a stretch but has a good degree of truth. Misting pumps have rebuild kits. Probably a couple different kinds, a seal kit, a plunger repair kit, and they are not real expensive.  But when compared to a complete replacement pump, a commodity item, compared to a repair kit, its it worth it?

Misting pumps are the most expensive item in a misting system. Knowing what to expect from your pump provides another degree of satisfaction when purchasing of your misting system.

I just realized I haven't answered the question above.

Pumps can be analogous to a car engine.

  • Car engine oil needs to be changed (pumps too)
  • Car engines can't run continuously, FULL BLAST and LAST.
  • Air filter need to be changed (water filter for your pump)

When a pump arrives at the manufacture for analysis it fails inspection 98% of the time. Why?

People have expectations that there new pump will last the through the warranty period without a problem. 


Well, it will depending on how much it is used.  If you run a pump intermittly it will last.  Typically that is not the case.

When you dig deep into your pumps literature you will find schedule maintenance intervals just like your car. 

If you use some sort of variable speed method on the pump like a gas pedal on a car it will last a long time.  That means oversizing the pump. Oversizing a pump generally does not add that much money. The variable speed control will. 

Enough for now - on to the next page.

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