Nozzle Misting Videos High Pressure, Demo Spray Pattern and Angle

This page has several different videos of nozzle working at higher pressure. What I mean is the nozzles have higher pressure ball check valve springs in them. They start opening around 250 psi. Video show what the quality of the mist is like at 250 psi through around 500 psi. All these nozzles have a 10/24unc connection. They may be stainless steel or brass body, stainless steel orifice or ceramic orifice. It doesn't matter too much. What we are demonstrating differences in the orifice size and psi.

Some of the videos are are turned 90 degrees right, so tip your head. This demonstrates the length of plume and evaporation rate. When the video camera is not turned 90 degrees I zoom in closer getting a better mist and spray angle view.

0.20 and 0.30mm Nozzles starting at 250 psi - 500 psi

You might want to go off site to YouTube and watch full screen to get a better view - when camera is turned 90 degrees.

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