Outdoor Cooling, Basics behind a system for your Patio

If you're thinking about putting in an outdoor cooling system, you are at the right place.

The outdoor cooling systems are misting systems. A water mist is sprayed at some distance above the ground or patio, typically at a distance of 8 to 12 feet. The mist has a cooling effect when in evaporates. This cooler air drops. There are several things to consider when this happens.

What are the issues when misting outside?

There are two main issues to be considered. One, Does it matter if things/people get wet? Two, wind will carry the cool air away- quickly.

The first issue is where I provide the help and understanding. The second is up to you.

If you don't want anything (people) to get wet then care must be taken in selecting the right misting components. The first items to learn about are mist nozzles.

There are a variety of different nozzles that accomplish different results. Some nozzles are design to get things wet. Some are designed for fine mist to evaporate quickly. Some work with low pressure water and some with high pressure water.

Low pressure nozzle do not mist as well as high pressure nozzles.

Meaning the water droplet size is larger on low pressure nozzles and smaller on high pressure nozzles. Larger water droplets do not evaporate as quickly as small ones do. Therefore it's difficult not to get things wet with a low pressure system. It is also true with a high pressure system, things can get wet. However you have a better chance of complete evaporation with a high pressure system.

The key to mist cooling is water droplet size.

The smaller the better when it comes to mist cooling. Do you want mist cooling or a mist bath?

I am not completely against low pressure systems. In fact I like them in certain situations, an outdoor applications is one of them. The drawback is getting wet and water dripping from the nozzles. With your basic packaged hose misting system, the nozzles do not have check valves built into them. When you shut off the supply water they will drip. To help prevent dripping you could build in a dump valve or relief valve. When you shut the water off, open the relief and drain the line. This will help prevent some dripping if sloped properly. 

This is a Garden Hose Misting Kit purchased from Target.

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