Plastic Tubing (Nylon) for High Pressure Misting Systems

Light weight, ships to you easily, supports high pressures, ideal for most misting applications.

Installs easily with a variety of slip-lock fittings. There are even high pressure plastic fittings that fit most needs.

Cuts easilty with plastic tubing cutter making modifications a breeze.

Plastic tubing is not the right word here. I use it here in a general sense to describe the several different types of tubing used for high pressure misting, mist cooling, or humidification solutions. Nylon is the word / material used most often for higher pressure applications.

View pictures of Plastic Fittings and Nozzles for Plastic Fittings

1/4" and 3/8" tubing are the common sizes.

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With pressure misting application two sizes of tube are typically used. 1/4" OD or 3/8" OD. The pressure ratings for both are 1000 psi working and 2500 psi burst.

There is some nylon tubing with about half the pressure rating, 500 psi. Make sure you use the appropriate rating and fitting for your application.

Most home application would use 1/4" OD tubing, 3/8" if you have over 20 nozzles. Fittings available for both sizes. Slip-lock unions with 10/24 unc threads for nozzle, Tees, Ells, Ends with 10/24 unc.


Look at the 3/8" tubing pictured here and you can see how thick the wall is.

Pressure rating is a function of ID (inside diameter) surface area and material strength.

1/2" OD is not used that often. When manufactured, you don't gain much ID . When ID surface area increases, total combined force increases. What wall thickness would be needed to rate at 1000 psi? Too Thick!!! With 1/2" OD 1000 psi tubing, ID would just a smidgen larger than 3/8" OD. It just doesn't make sense when there are alternatives, stainless steel or copper tubing.

There is small selection of colors, Black, Blue, Clear, Natural. Black is a the default standard color. I would go with black. Black has better durability when expose to outdoor environments and sunlight. You can special order other colors, at a premium of course.

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